katherine duclos
I make abstract paintings that reference the natural and organic. I am interested in surfaces--in creating those that interest or surprise me on very smooth and opaque yupo, and in documenting the surfaces I come in contact with in my environments that have often formed or have been changed organically. I work mostly in fluid inks and acrylics, sometimes oils, on yupo, a plastic paper that is non absorptive. By leaving large areas of untouched white, I want to separate my forms from any outside context, forcing a closer view of their surfaces, makeup, and boundaries like specimens in a petri dish. I also hope to call scale into question, making viewers wonder where they stand in relation to my forms or if they have a micro or macro view. When I do not leave space I often cover the entire surface to force a microscopic or view from the inside. My work is informed a great deal by my photography practice.

I want to animate the inanimate and abstract. I look for and try to create meaning, humor, something familiar in the foreign, and ultimately an association with the abstract.